Corporate Highlights

Established in 1996

Capital NT 560,780,000

Taipei Headquarter

C-Tech United Corporation


Branch Company

Chongqing C-TECH Technology Co,LTD.


Branch Company



 Map of C-Tech United Corporation
Corporate Vision
  • To be a world-class green energy battery pack manufacturing supplier in the world.
  • Provide multi services of portable energy products.
  • Become one of Top 3 largest supplier of portable battery modules before year 2010.
2015 Smart Automation Production Phase-In.
2014 Taipei Headquarter & CQ factory QC080000 Certificate approved.
Dell & Toshiba NB cell packed certified and started to ship.
2013 Started shipping cell pack for Microsoft tablet PC.
2012 CQ factory established
Certified with ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001.
2010 Established power storage & EV module business unit.
2009 Awarded with 18th National Award for Outstanding SMEs
IPO filed (Register No.:3625)
2006 Total shipment for NB cell pack up to 2.5 million units, for cell phone/MP3 cell pack 6 million units and for chargers 2 million units.
2005 Production scale of Suzhou site for NB cell pack extended.
NB cell pack certified by LG & HP with monthly production capacity more than 450 thousand units.
2004 Awarded by Sonny Ericsson for producing 10million units for them.
Started supplying cell pack to Apple MP3.
Approved with ISO9000/ISO14000.
Established test chamber for UL.
2003 C-Tech Suzhou established. Produced cell pack for NEC and Sony Ericsson’s cell phones with highest monthly volume of 700,000pcs.
2000 ISO9002 approved.
1997 Started selling in Taiwan market. Became the largest supplier of Lithium cell pack for Synnex and Aurora.
1996 Company established. Brought in Japan Lithium cell & BMU design.
金沙游艺场 Management
Corporate Vision
Quality Policy

RD Efficiency & Creativity, Production Management Solidity , Customer Satisfaction, Revenue & Profit Growth, Quality Management Implementation

HSF Policy

Comply with Regulations of Global Environmental Protection , Fulfill Green Environmental Protection Design Implement Green Manufacturing Requirements.

Systematization of Green Supply Chain, Enhance employee the awareness of environmental Protection, Aim for Sustainable Development of Enterprise.

Social Responsibility Policy

Humanity Concern, Heath & Safety, Social Concern, Full Participation, Consistent Improvement.

Labor Policy

Stick to Labor Law, Prohibit Child Labor, Prohibit Discrimination & compel to work, Respect Freedom of Association, Improvement of Employee Rights & Benefits.

Moral Policy

Commitment of Business Integrity, Strictly Prohibit Corruption and Bribery, Uphold Fair Trade & Protect Intellectual Property Rights, Anti Monopoly.

Protect the safety of Informer without retribution, Improvement of moral level.

Environmental & Safety Policy

Control of Safety Causes, Reduce Occupational Injury.

Certifications of Quality Control
C-Tech, TPE C-Tech, CQ
ISO 9001:2015 Click to Link Click to Link
IECQ QC080000:2012 Click to Link Click to Link
ISO 14001:2004 Click to Link
OHSAS18001 Click to Link

Specifications & Other Requirements

C-TECH HSF Specification & Operation Requirements Process (Click for Details)