金沙贵宾会线路 產品名稱: 鋰離子電池
產品型號: NB Pack
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容量 電壓(V) 串並方
9,000mAh 10.8 3S3P
8,800mAh 10.8 3S4P
8,400mAh 10.8 3S3P
5,600mAh 14.4 4S2P
5,600mAh 10.8 3S2P
5,200mAh 10.8 3S2P
5,200mAh 14.4 4S2P
5,200mAh 10.8 3S1P
5,000mAh 10.8 3S2P
4,400mAh 10.8 3S2P
4,400mAh 7.2 2S1P
4,400mAh 10.8 3S1P